Molendinar Family Learning Centre

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Visons, Values and Aims


We aim to make our nursery an exciting and inspiring place to learn. We want our children to be happy and healthy with a thirst for knowledge. We will ignite their curiosity through our stimulating and challenging curriculum. We will help them develop as respectful citizens and lifelong learners who strive to do their best.


Motivational staff that support our children and families.

Opportunities for parents, carers and children and staff to reach their full potential.

Learning through play.

Enriching environments that makes a difference to the lives of our children and families.

Nurturing environments.

Devoted staff who understand every child is unique.

Inspiration for our children to learn.

Nurturing, caring staff.

Active and creative professionals who inspire our children to learn.

Reflective, responsible citizens of tomorrow.


Our Aims

  1. To work in partnership with parent/carers to achieve the best outcomes for children and families.
  2. To promote warm, welcoming environment that respects the views and opinions of all service users and offers and open door policy.
  3. To provide a secure and caring environment in which children can develop emotionally, socially, physically, morally, spiritually and intellectually.
  4. To enable children to develop a positive self-image, become self-confident and increasingly independent.
  5. To ensure children have the best start at life and are offered the correct supports at the earliest stages of their development, to help them achieve their full potential.
  6. To enable children to learn through a wide range of experiences, and to be valued, respected and cared for in the best possible way. To provide experiences through which children learn to co-operate, respect and understand the values and customs of others.
  7. To give every child opportunity for rich and meaningful outdoor play and every day.
  8. To provide rich learning experiences that encourages children to become confident individuals, successful learners, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

To create an environment which encourages practitioners to develop their skills and use their professional learning to better the service we provide.