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Charging Rates and Policy 2022/2023

Glasgow resident standard rate from age 3-5 years

£5.00 Per hour

Glasgow resident standard rate from age 0 - 3years

£4.00 Per hour

Discounted hourly rate 3-5-year olds

£4:00 per hour

Discounted hourly rate 0- 3 years olds

£3:00 per hour

Glasgow resident reduced rate and Kinship carer rate

£1:00 per hour

Glasgow resident first child rate 3-5 years.

Glasgow resident first child rate 0-3 years

Glasgow resident second child rate

Glasgow resident third child rate

£5:00 per hour

£4:00 per hour



£2.20 per hour

£1.70 per hour

Glasgow resident College/ University rate

£ 5:00 for 3-5-year olds

£4:00 for 0-3-year olds

Non-Glasgow Resident rate

£5:00 per hour


£1.52 (per meal)


All charges, including those for meals and snacks are subject to review and any changes will be notified to parents/carers by the head of your early year’s establishment.

Charges are paid directly to Glasgow City Council and in advance. You will be provided with an Early Years Admissions and Charges booklet, outlining how the charges are calculated.

Glasgow City councils charging policy.

When your child is allocated a nursery placement there are charges which may apply. In line with Glasgow City Council policies, you will be asked to verify your circumstances i.e., proof of employment, benefits, address etc and the charges will be levied according to your personal family circumstances. In order that we provide nursery provision to meet your requirements, you will be asked for this