Molendinar Family Learning Centre

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Suitable Clothing

Children have fun doing messy work and, although we encourage them to wear aprons, clothes are often affected so please do not bring children to nursery in their best outfits.  A change of clothing can be kept in each child’s bag on their peg (several changes if in the throes of toilet training please). Please note that we cannot ban any child from participating in any activity on any grounds other than medical or religious ones as we are bound to provide every child with as broad and balanced a curriculum as we can. Soft shoes are best worn to nursery to avoid accidental injury and aid physical play and outdoor clothing suited to the weather in case outdoor play or a trip is planned.

Please note due to health and safety reasons Glasgow City Council recommends children should not wear jewellery of any type to nursery. We currently have a risk assessment in place and if you wish please request to read it.